Janice Caudill PhD, CSAT-S, CCPS-S, CPTT-S, PBTT, IAT, SEP

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Janice is a Texas psychologist, also licensed through PSYPACT for tele-therapy in 35 states. She is a Certified Partner Trauma Therapist and supervisor, Certified Clinical Partner Specialist and supervisor, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist and supervisor, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and certified Intimacy Anorexia Therapist. She was one of the founding members of the Association for Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists and participated in the creation of APSATS’ Multidimensional Partner Trauma Model. Janice is the author and co-author of his and hers companion workbooks for helping couples navigate a therapeutic disclosure of sexual betrayal: Full Disclosure: Seeking Truth After Sexual Betrayal – 3 Volume Series and Full Disclosure: Sharing the Truth After Sexual Betrayal, Janice is also the founder of Intensive Recovery Healing, a center that specializes in customized intensives for individuals and couples recovering from sex addiction, betrayal trauma, or other life traumas.

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Full Disclosure: Before, During, After

March 20, 2023, 12:00 AM
Marcos Leon Dan Drake Janice Caudill