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Phoenix Rising: Transcending the Ashes of Trauma and Emerging Stronger, Wiser, and More Beauty-Filled

A Talk by Laurie Hall RScP, CPC, PSAP, BTRL and Carley Pool MA, LPC Associate

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About this Talk

While both partners and addicts long to soar above the chaos, shame, and heartbreak the devastation of sexual betrayal causes, they often feel “stuck” at a certain point in their recovery. Life may be better because sobriety has been reached, but there is often an aching awareness that life and the relationship is still not as fulfilling as they hoped it would be.

In her talk, Laurie will explore how the legend of the Phoenix rising from the ashes of devastation can help us identify “invisible” ways we have likely been shaped by the secrets and trauma of sexual betrayal. Understanding these "shapings" is an essential step in rising to new heights stronger, wiser, and more beauty-filled, heights where we can create lives we truly love.

You will learn:

1. How your emotions may have been shaped by betrayal.

2. How your thoughts and ways you’ve learned to manage and cope may have been affected.

3. How your perception of yourself and your ability to connect with yourself may have been affected.

4. How your perceptions of your partner have been shaped by the revelation that there was a secret he was keeping as well as how the addict may have shaped his perception of his partner in order to justify the addiction.

5. How the way you relate to others and your ability to attach and find safety and security in relationships may have been shaped.

6. How the meaning of life may have evolved for you.

Carley Pool interviews Laurie Hall in this moving session.

March 23, 2023, 12:00 AM

12:00 AM - 01:00 AM

About The Speakers

Laurie Hall

Laurie Hall RScP, CPC, PSAP, BTRL

Awakened Heart Betrayal Trauma Recovery

Carley Pool

Carley Pool MA, LPC Associate

Clinical Therapist, Daring Ventures