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Carol Juergensen Sheets LCSW, CSAT, CCPS-S, PCC better known as Carol the Coach has been treating individuals and couples for over 41 years. She is a certified sexual addictions counselor and certified partners of sexual addiction trauma specialist. She trains clinicians and coaches nationally and internationally and believes that her partner sensitive treatment approach enhances treating sexual addiction and partner trauma in the relationship. Her style assists couples in healing the shame and pain of sexual addiction and she uses post traumatic growth to emphasize a client’s strengths.

Carol hosts 2 internet podcasts:

and has over 300 shows interviewing the experts in the field. She also two YouTube channels to help addicts and partners called sexhelpwithcarolthecoach and carolthecoach

She has written 2 books specific to sex addiction and partner betrayal including:

Help.Her.Heal: An Empathy Workbook for Sex Addicts to Help Their Partners Heal (co-authored by Allan J. Katz)

Unleashing Your Power Moving Through the Trauma of Partner Betrayal

Her 3rd book Help.Them.Heal Teaching You Both How to Heal Your Relationship After Sexual Betrayal informs couples on the methodology behind ERCEM….Carol’s revolutionary Early Recovery Couples Empathy Model to help the couple heal together.

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How to Navigate and Heal Your Relationship After Sexual Betrayal

March 23, 2023, 01:00 AM
Connie Spiegel Carol Sheets