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How to Navigate and Heal Your Relationship After Sexual Betrayal

A Talk by Carol Sheets LCSW, CCPS-S, CSAT-S, PCC and Connie Spiegel CPC

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About this Talk

Carol the Coach is going to talk about the hope that can occur when you do Early Recovery Couples Work Empathy Work and work through the 3 stages of partner betrayal. She has created a program for professionals to teach the needed relational skills and empathy to increase safety and stabilization to build trust. She has also created a workshop for the both of you, and she has written a book called Help.Them.Heal to help you both get through this together.

Empathy is the needed ingredient in relationship building and is an essential requirement when repairing betrayal. Men seem to have an empathy deficit and so she found that breaking it down was much more helpful in teaching this all important skill.

Carol has made it her mission to help professionals become more partner sensitive and teach the addict how to lean into his wife's pain. 

This interview of Carol the Coach by Connie Spiegel is going to give you hope for the relationship!

March 23, 2023, 01:00 AM

01:00 AM - 02:00 AM

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Carol Sheets

Carol Sheets LCSW, CCPS-S, CSAT-S, PCC

Carol the Coach

Connie Spiegel

Connie Spiegel CPC

Relational Recovery Coach, Daring Ventures