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About Fran Hopwood and Richard Butler

After a career in education, Fran switched to personal coaching and mentoring in 2017 after walking her own recovery journey from betrayal trauma after discovering sex addiction in her marriage. Fran uses her experience of the challenges of healing and her professional knowledge and skills to support other partners seeking freedom and growth from the effects of problematic sexual behaviour in their relationships. Fran's passion for working with women affected by betrayal stems not only from being a partner but also from her experience of two previous marriages affected by infidelity. She is a certified APSATs Partner Coach (ICF ); Professional Partner Trauma Mentor and Partner Group Peer Facilitator. She has additional relevant training including disclosure preparation guidance (Dan Drake & Janice Caudill) and specialist couples work informed by Gottman, Dr Jake Porter (Couple-Centred Recovery) and Carol Juergensen-Sheets (ERCEM). Fran is part of the team at Naked Truth Project in the UK - a charity with the mission to ‘Open Eyes and Free Lives’ from the damaging effects of pornography.

Richard, Fran's husband, was committed to helping other men in their recovery. He also became an ICF Certified Coach and Professional Mentor and was the first male coach with the Naked Truth Project. Because of his commitment to being partner-sensitive in his approach, he became the first European male to become certified with APSATS. Sadly, Richard died on 29th August 2022 after a short illness.

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From Crisis to Purpose and Passion: Reflections on One Couple's Successful Recovery Journey

March 19, 2023, 11:00 PM
Fran Hopwood Jake Porter