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From Crisis to Purpose and Passion: Reflections on One Couple's Successful Recovery Journey

A Talk by Fran Hopwood ICF Certified Coach, APSATs Certified Partner Coac and Dr. Jake Porter LPC, NCC, CSAT-S, CMAT, CCPS

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About this Talk

In this moving interview, Dr. Jake asks Fran Hopwood to reflect on the healing and recovery journey that she and her late husband Richard followed over the last nine years. The focus will be on Richard and his story of transformation and growth as an individual and as part of a coupleship.   

Richard's early problematic sexual behaviour re-emerged with the advent of broadband internet. After Fran's D-Day in 2013, Richard started his journey of recovery. Early on he realised this was more than just maintaining sobriety. He was committed not only to addressing the root causes of his addiction and the behavioural effects of his dysfunctional childhood, but also to learning how to help Fran heal, to rebuild their relationship, and to continue his own personal growth journey.  

Gradually he became able to open up and share his secrets so that they were able to fight their respective trauma demons together. Richard took full responsibility for his actions and fully embraced recovery so that they could build a fuller and deeper relationship, increasing intimacy at all levels, especially emotionally and spiritually. They were deliberate in creating new memories and in making the most of moments of joy.  As part of his post-traumatic growth, Richard was deeply committed to supporting other men in recovery gain freedom and growth.

March 19, 2023, 11:00 PM

11:00 PM - 12:00 AM

About The Speakers

Fran Hopwood

Fran Hopwood ICF Certified Coach, APSATs Certified Partner Coac

Team Member, Naked Truth Project

Jake Porter

Dr. Jake Porter LPC, NCC, CSAT-S, CMAT, CCPS

Founder & President, Daring Ventures Counseling, Coaching, & Consultation