Dr. Jake Porter LPC, NCC, CSAT-S, CMAT, CCPS

Founder & President, Daring Ventures Counseling, Coaching, & Consultation

About this speaker

Dr. Jake is the Founder and President of Daring Ventures Counseling, Coaching, and Consulting, LLC, and the International Association for Couple–Centered Recovery®. He is a national board certified counselor, professional coach, and expert in the fields of trauma and relational dynamics. He is the creator of Couple–Centered Recovery©, a model that places the primary attachment relationship at the center of the recovery and healing process.

In addition, to his work as a coach and psychotherapist, Dr. Jake is an Assistant Professor of Counseling at Kairos University, where he also serves as Lead Professor of the Doctor of Professional Counseling Program. He speaks often in many settings, and has taught and trained individuals around the world. 

Dr. Jake live in Houston, Texas, with his wife, Kristen, and daughter, Magnolia Jane.

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Divorce, Detachment and Confrontation



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